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Non-libelous infos about KKFL.


This tells you why this site exists. For now, let's leave it at this: people should be as informed as they can be about the goings-on at KKFL. This site publishes non-libelous facts about some pertinent events at KKFL as a freedom-of-information service to interested parties.

files. data. the stuff that matters.

we will publish evidence here. we're gearing up to defend ourselves against accusations, and the documents published here will allow interested parties to draw their own conclusions.

please be kind and patient

we created this site to inform. nothing else.

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here you'll see the latest updates as we decide what belongs in the public domain. as we get to grips with the new site, just enter anything in the search box and you will be forwarded to the "nitty gritty" page with all further details, recent posts etc.. enjoy!

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